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No Mow May

20/04/2021 - No Mow May

The Committee discussed the merits of supporting Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ Campaign to promote wildflower planting and sustain biodiversity.


Members agreed that the Town Council should support the campaign through its Social Media outlets, protecting and enhancing biodiversity was a key aim of the Committee and the Council. There was hope that further action could be taken this summer and planned for future years.


Officers advised that many of the town’s verges were under the remit of the County Council and a wildflower planting project in those areas appeared to have stalled. However, the Town Council’s Grounds contractors had identified several grass banks which were difficult to cut and were prepared to plant these wildflowers. Members agreed this would be advantageous and timely in terms of promoting this campaign, officers advising signs could be placed to further promote No Mow May.


The Committee went further and asked if a further category in the Britain in Bloom could be entered with these wild editions. A new competition, ‘Wild Witney’ was recommended to encourage residents to leave areas of their lawns/gardens uncut to promote wildflowers and resurgence of insect and bee populations. A prize could be given for the best wild area along the lines of previous Christmas lights competitions.




1.       That Witney Town Council supports and promotes Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ campaign through its Social Media Outlets; and,


2.       That Witney Town Council does not mow the following areas of grassland throughout May and the summer, with the Grounds Contractors sowing wildflower seeds in these areas: Quarry Road, Thorney Leys, Manor Road and Tower Hill Cemetery; and,


3.       That signs are displayed in these areas to highlight the ‘No Mow May Campaign’; and,


4.       That further wildflower planting is considered as part of the Town Council’s Open Spaces Strategy.




5.       That Witney Town Council further promotes wildflower planting by creating a ‘Wild Witney’ competition for Witney residents. This would be for households to leave an area in the garden for wildflower planting; and,


6.       That officers research the possibility of entering further categories of the Britain in Bloom competition, covering wildflower planting.