Issue - decisions

Witney Pride

15/03/2021 - Witney Pride

The Committee received and considered requests from the Witney Pride Group concerning the international day of homophobia, transphobia on 17th May, as well as its planned event on 22nd May 2021.


Members were supportive of both causes and welcomed the opportunity to be able to promote the events individually as well as through the Town Council’s social media platforms.




1.       That Witney Town Council supports the Witney Pride event on 22nd May 2021 by promoting the event on its social media and by members sharing video messages or photos to help generate support and interest; and,


2.       That Witney Town Council flies the Pride flag on the 22nd May instead of 1st June to coincide with the Witney Pride event; and,


3.       That the Corn Exchange is lit up in LGBTQ colours to mark the international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia on 17th May 2021.