Agenda item

Corn Exchange - 1863 Café & Bar stocktake

To receive a confidential verbal report from Officers.


The Committee received the January 2024 stocktake report for the 1863 Bar & Café along with a confidential verbal update from the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).


Members were pleased to hear there was no cause for concern and the RFO provided a summary and explanation of the results of the stocktake and the actions being taken by the RFO to ensure that the reports were accurate in future.


These reports would continue to be provided to members as they were received so as to ensure that members were kept informed. The Town Clerk/CEO reminded members of the reasons why some items are provided and discussed in confidential session and asked that members are mindful of this.




  1. That, the stocktake report and verbal update be noted and,
  2. That, members are reminded of the necessity of confidential agenda items.



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