Agenda item

Woodgreen Bus Shelter Request

To receive and consider a request for a Bus Shelter.



The Committee received correspondence from a resident requesting a bus shelter at Woodgreen.


Members considered the request and agreed the cost of installation and maintenance of a shelter at this time was not financially sound. However, consideration would be given again if suitable funds became available, possibly from a Section 106 agreement following future development. A Member would also ask other local residents to enquire about additional demand for a shelter at this location.


A Member advised that a local hospitality company had provided financial support to the S7 route between Witney and Oxford via Woodstock and asked Officers to contact them to ask if they would consider the installation or funds towards a timetable case at the location.




1.      That, the request for a bus shelter at Woodgreen be noted and,

2.      That, a response is sent to the requestor to advise of the Council’s decision and,

3.      That, Officers contact Estelle Manor to ask if they would consider further financial support and,

4.      That, Officers arrange for the installation of a timetable holder and service information and,

5.      That , OCC add as a consideration to the LCWIP and,

6.      That, Officers consider adding to a future S106 request if the opportunity arises with a future development.


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