Agenda item

Witney Music Festival - Financial Support Request


This subject was due to be discussed as part of Agenda Item 11 however with the permission of the Chair, this item was moved up the agenda so the member of public could hear the discussion and outcome.


The Committee having heard a passionately prepared proposal from the representative of Witney Music Festival (WMF) discussed at length the request for an additional £5,000 of grant funding to provide a disabled platform and toilets for the 2024 event. Members agreed with the festival’s aim to be “for all” and therefore inclusive and diverse, however members were also aware of the growing contribution being made to this event which is provided for not only Witney residents but also those from the wider council district.


It was proposed by Councillor J Aitman that the £10,000 contribution made by the council in 2023 continues by way of the partnership in place for 2024 and that she works with WMF in her capacity as West Oxfordshire District Council’s Executive Member for Stronger, Healthy Communities to support them in an application via the new “Westhive” fundraising platform, the proposal was seconded by Councillor J Doughty and a vote was taken.

Five members were in agreement with both parts of the proposal, one member voted against the first part of proposal regarding the £10,000.





1.      That, subject to the financial standing of the Council during the budget cycle that the continuation of a £10,000 be made to Witney Music Festival in 2024 and,

2.      That, Councillor Aitman assist Witney Music Festival’s application for funding via the WODC Westhive Scheme.