Agenda item

Communications Report

To receive and consider the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer outlining guidance for Councillors social media communications.


Members were pleased to receive the information provided; they considered ways in which they could improve interactions with residents such as better organisation of the ‘Councillors in the Café’ events, perhaps with the use of a Gazebo outside of the Corn Exchange on fine weather days so that they are more visible. A Member laboured the point that it was also important to understand that residents could contact councillors at any time and that this should be encouraged.


Members also agreed that the sharing of a single social media post rather than each constructing their own would be clearer for residents to understand.


The Committee were pleased to hear of the signage being placed on the frontage of the reception.




That, the report be noted.


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