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Community Engagement Report

To receive the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Communications and Community Engagement Officer (CCEO).


Members discussed and provided ideas to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the NHS in July 2023. A member suggested that he had contact details for a poet who was also a NHS employee and would investigate if they were able to be involved. Members also suggested that the council could offer a free drink at the Corn Exchange for holders of the Bluelight card on the 5 July.


There were also plans for St Mary’s Church to hold a drinks reception to mark the 75th anniversary and the Committee was happy to support this in principle while further discussions took place.


Members were keen to support a litter pick event and a member advised that the Witney Land Army was looking to reform; this could give them an event to recommence with, they asked that the CCEO investigate in order to arrange this for the day of the “Big Help Out” as part of the coronation events, rather than the Great British Spring Clean week 2023.


Regarding the Witney Carnival. Members felt a presence from the Council would be beneficial and thought that the idea of again presenting the school in bloom wheelbarrows would be well received. They also discussed the idea of having a “Mini Mayor” competition and delegated to the CCEO to investigate this further.


The Committee noted a wildflower planting project with the Rotary Club of Witney at Tower Hill Cemetery, a smoke-free sign competition and notes from the most recent Witney Forum meeting.




1.      That, the report be noted and,

2.      That, the Council agrees in principle to support St Mary’s Church mark the 75th anniversary of the NHS and exploring other Council events and,

3.      That, the CCEO investigate a collaboration with Witney Land Army to a promote a litter pick as part of the coronation “Big Help out” day and,

4.      That, the wheelbarrows for the Schools In Bloom project be judged at Witney Carnival and,

5.      That, the CCEO investigate the potential of hosting a “Mini Mayor” competition at Witney Carnival and,

6.      That, the work of Witney Rotary in Tower Hill is noted and,

7.      That, the minutes of the Witney forum meeting held 2 February 2023 be noted.

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