Agenda item

Witney In Bloom

To receive the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer.


Members considered the sites suggested for entry to the Thames & Chiltern In Bloom competition for 2023 and agreed on the Country Park. The Mayor spoke about how many of the organisations at the award ceremony that she attended were from small groups and that this perhaps would be an idea for the 2024 entry when more time allowed to get smaller groups involved. Members also agreed to a request for a compost bin to be installed on Council land by the Edible Gardening Group.


Members discussed at length the possible theme for the school wheelbarrow competition, they were keen for this to be centred around the subject of food and settled on the name title of  “Food for Thought”. They welcomed the barrows being displayed on the Leys in the weeks running up to the Witney Carnival event as discussed earlier in the meeting.


Members felt that the vouchers issued to the community gardeners should be increased as proposed to £50.


Lastly, members considered the two options for planters to be placed at the entrances to the town as part of the Impact Project using the remaining 2022 In Bloom budget. They agreed the stone planters were the preferred of the two options, but a member suggested that Witney Shed would potentially be able to help with the construction of wooden planters, this would allow for bespoke pieces however they would need to be of substantial quality and weight to protect them from theft.




1.      That, the report be noted and,

2.      That, Witney Lake & Country Park be entered into the Thames & Chilterns In Bloom competition and,

3.      That, the theme of the Schools Inb Bloom wheelbarrow competition be “food for thought” and,

4.      That, the “food for thought” wheelbarrows be displayed on The Leys and,

5.      That, an increase to a £50 voucher for community gardeners be agreed and,

6.      That, Officers investigate with Witney Shed if they can make the planters to the necessary standard.

7.      That, the request from Edible Gardens for a compost bin be granted.

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