Agenda item

Projects Update

To receive the report of the Project Officer.


The Committee received the report of the Project Officer.


Members were pleased to hear the installation of the Covid-19 memorial was due to take place in early April, they agreed that an additional £750 be made available towards the completion of the project. Members were happy with the carving of the stone and for a small sign to be erected.


They then discussed the QE II sundial at Unterhaching Park and agreed that the council should not give up with the installation due to the act of vandalism which had delayed the project. All members agreed delegation to the Operations Manager to the find the best solution and an additional £500 was agreed should this be needed.


All members were in favour of contractor two being used for the exterior signage of the Reception/Administration Office.


Members were sad to hear that no entries for the Smoke Free Playground competition had been received, they asked that officers promote again to the schools and on social media.


Lastly, members discussed the tribute to the Windrush Generation and agreed a budget of £500 towards the project. They also asked that the potential of a play or similar event could be hosted in the Corn Exchange to commemorate the 75th anniversary in June 2023 and that information is added to the council website to explain the connection to the River Windrush and the naming of the HMT Empire Windrush boat.




1.      That, the report be noted and,

2.      That, the carving of the stone and small sign be installed along with an additional £750 added to the Covid-19 memorial budget and,

3.      That, the installation of the QEII sundial goes ahead as planned in Unterhaching Park along with an additional £500 budget if required and,

4.      That, contractor two is used to carry out the reception office signage and,

5.      That, the Council proceeds with the Windrush Generation project as outlined in the report with a budget of £500 and,

6.      That, officers investigate the idea of a performance in the Corn Exchange to commentate the 75th Anniversary of National Windrush Day and,

7.      That, information be added to the council website explaining the relationship between the River Windrush and the Windrush Generation.

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