Agenda item

Grants & Subsidised Lettings

To receive the report of the Deputy Town Clerk.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Deputy Town Clerk regarding three requests for grant assistance.


Clean Slate – This grant was deferred from the Grant funding requests considered earlier in the year so that additional supporting documentation could be provided to members. Members discussed the importance of providing support to the rising issue of domestic violence. A vote was called for with the result being:


For                        6

Against 1

Abstention          0


Rotary Club of Witney – Members received a request for £500 towards the organisation of the Colour Run event on 21 May 2023. Again, as with the Fire walk event request this came at very short notice and outside of the usual Grant consideration period.

Members discussed the application and agreed to grant an amount of £310, this being the rounded difference between the £500 requested and the £196 awarded by way of a subsidised let of the Corn Exchange earlier this month.


Witney Photo Group – Members discussed the request for a subsidised let of the Corn Exchange. All members were in agreement with the request.


Lastly members received letters of thanks from Witney Talking News and Witney Pride for the respective grant and subsidised letting awarded to their organisations.




1.      That, the report be noted and,

2.      That, £500 be approved for Clean Slate and,

3.      That, £310 be approved for The Rotary Club of Witney and,

4.      That, a subsidised let be granted to Witney Photo Group, valued at £340 and,

5.         That, these grant be awarded under the General Power of Competence and that the recipients be asked to acknowledge the Council’s financial contribution in their promotional literature and during the event and

6.      That, the correspondence from Witney Talking News and Witney Pride be noted.


Supporting documents: