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Financial Report & Associated Matters

To receive the report of the Responsible Financial Officer.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) which contained detailed income and expenditure statements for the whole of the Council’s approved budgets for the period up to 28 February 2023, along with an update on the Council’s investments.


Also covered were a variety of topics including, an update of the council budget to date, disposal of the Corn Exchange old seating platform, the renewed energy contracts, VAT on sports pitch bookings, the continued membership of Oxfordshire Association of Local Council and the CCTV system covering Witney.


Budget Update - In response to a question raised by a member regarding the £20 spend on Bus Shelter Maintenance (4035) the RFO confirmed that most of the cost of maintenance of the bus shelters is labour, this £20 is likely to have been for materials.


Corn Exchange Old Seating Platform – Members were pleased with an offer from a local Witney youth group, the RFO confirmed the amount offered was £350. All members agreed with the sale, however asked that it is make clear it was sold as seen and that the council insurers are advised of the disposal of the asset.


VAT on sports bookings – The RFO gave a verbal update and explanation of the details in his report including an explanation of the “Outside the Scope” VAT Category. Members were in unanimous agreement that any VAT returned by HMRC should be paid back to the sports club from which it was paid.


There was a further discussion regarding the fees and charges for all the sports facilities during 2023-24, which were listed as including VAT.  Members agreed to reduce charges to sports clubs by deducting the element of VAT currently charged, representing a decrease of approximately 9% compared with the 2022-23 charges.  For the Council this would keep income the same as the reduction to the clubs is  VAT which would have been passed on to HMRC; the subsidy to the facilities would remain the same.


Membership of OALC – Members were pleased to hear that it was due to being a member that the Council received information timely regarding the refund of VAT. Members all agreed to continuation of membership to ensure the Council retained the support they provide.




1.      That, the report be noted and the management accounts for the Council for the period 1 April 2022 to 28 February 2023 be approved and,

2.      That, the recommendations of the spending committees as detailed in the report be agreed and,

3.      That, the officer recommendation to sell the Corn Exchange seating platform, which is surplus to the Council’s requirements for the sum of £350 be approved and,

4.      That, the Council has entered a contract with Green Energy UK for supply of gas and electricity to Council premises be noted and,

5.      That, the new VAT position regarding sporting fees including football and cricket pitch hire be noted and to:  (i) return any refunds obtained from HMRC for the period 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2022 to the respective clubs  and (ii) reduce charges on sports bookings to clubs for 2023-24 by deducting the element of VAT currently charged, representing a decrease of approximately 9% compared with the 2022-23 charges.

6.      That, the officer recommendation to remain in membership of the Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils during 2023-24 be approved and,

7.      That, correspondence from West Oxfordshire District Council in relation to CCTV be noted and,

8.      That, the Council’s investments as detailed in the report be noted.

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