Agenda item

Burwell Hall Boiler

To receive the report of the Project Officer.


The Committee received the report of the Project Officer.


Members discussed the new information provided on this project, however, were still concerned about lack of evidence of the Fuel Cell Technology being effective for Burwell Hall. The cost of the initial implementation was no longer an issue as the difference had reduced. The was whether the boiler had sufficient output to cope with the demands of the hall and its users.


The Deputy Town Clerk advised that the purchase of the Fuel Cell boiler would go some way to helping the council achieve its commitment of carbon neutrality by 2028, more so than a replacement gas boiler upgrade.


Members were supportive of procuring the fuel cell boiler in principle but asked that officers investigate and provide details on whether the council could be used as a case study or if a guarantee of output could be obtained from the Fuel Cell provider to ensure it covered the building’s needs




1.      That, the report be noted and,

2.      That, officers further investigate the option of being  case study or obtaining a guarantee of output for the Micro Fuel Cell  Boiler and,

3.      That, officers provide an update to the next meeting of the Policy, Governance & Finance Committee on 27th March 2023 for a final decision.


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