Agenda item

Annual Town Meeting 2023

To receive the report of the Deputy Town Clerk.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Deputy Town Clerk.


Members discussed the options for layout of the hall, opting for Option two as this would allow residents to see the new seating partly exposed and agreed it was more welcoming to sit around the tables rather than have a row of councillor sitting in a line on the stage.


Members welcomed the idea of grant recipient organisations being invited to the meeting, with perhaps Witney Music Festival providing a musician in the café/bar area to welcome residents.




1.      That, the report be noted and,

2.      That, Option 2 be used for the layout and,

3.      That, local grant recipients are invited to attend and,

4.      That, a PowerPoint presentation be provided if time/resources permitted and,

5.      That, the Witney Music Festival be approached to provide a musician.


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