Agenda item

Communications Report

To receive the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer.


The Committee received the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer.


Members discussed the options for the delivery of the annual Newsletter to residents and preferred Contractor Two as this would be a separate A4 newsletter and not included inside another publication. Members had concerns that Contractor Two wouldn’t deliver to Windrush Place however the Deputy Town Clerk confirmed this estate would be covered for an additional cost but would include Colwell Green, outside of the parish boundary.


To get the most reliable results members suggested that a space for the respondent to write their postcode on the reply  questionnaire would allow officers to remove any responses that were outside of Witney.


Members delegated to Officers, in conjunction with the Chair of the Stronger Communities Committee, to resolve any issues that arose in relation to the issuing of the newsletter.


Members also discussed the review of press coverage; they were pleased to hear that press releases issued by the council generally always appear in the media. Members agreed that any council news, however small, was shared with the media to maintain clear communications with the residents of the parish. Members asked for the Press Spreadsheet to cover any press releases including those that do not get picked up by the media outlets.




1.      That, the report, and verbal update be noted and,

2.      That, the Council proceeds with Contractor 2 for the newsletter distribution and,

3.      That, any issues with this should be delegated to the Deputy Town Clerk, in conjunction with the Chair and,

4.      That, any news is forwarded to the media no matter how small and,

5.      That, all official press releases should be noted on the Press spreadsheet.



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