Agenda item

Allotment Gates

To receive the report of the Operations Manager.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Operation Manager.


Members were in favour of the replacement gates in order to improve the security of the allotments, however they were concerned that the gate, replaced in 2020, at Hailey Road was proposed to be again replaced and if this was good use of council funds. The Deputy Town Clerk confirmed that the existing gate would be repurposed at Burwell playing fields where a gate was required but members also asked that officers confirm with the Allotment Association the gate required so this didn’t occur again in the future.


Members were also pleased to hear via a verbal update from the Committee Clerk that the inclusive allotment plots at Windrush Allotments, offered to both the ICE Centre and Windrush School had been taken up.




1.      That, the report, and verbal update be noted and,

2.      That, the gates are replaced as recommended by the Operations Manager and,

3.      That, the selection of contractor be delegated to the Operation Manager.


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