Agenda item

The Leys Traffic Calming

To receive the report of the Deputy Town Clerk.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Deputy Town Clerk.


The Committee were disappointed not be able to view details of the County Council consultation responses regarding this proposed scheme. Only 22 responses were received but it was not possible to see if these were local residents or to validate the impact the changes would have on these respondents.


Members thought this low number of responses was not reflective of the thoughts of the residents of Witney and questioned why the nearest residents had not shown support when their former comments had led to this proposal. The Deputy Town Clerk confirmed that the consultation was promoted via social media by both Oxfordshire County Council and Witney Town Council and support had been provided by the above residents unofficially when the plans had been produced.


Members believed the scheme would add road safety around the open space  the Leys offers, however one member’s opinion was that the use of speed cushions rather than speed bumps would not be sufficient to slow vehicles as they would simply “straddle” them.


The Committee requested that officers ask for a delay in the final decision being made by OCC in order to allow the Town Council to ask residents local to The Leys to provide their opinions.




1.     That, the report be noted and,

2.     That, Officers contact OCC to ask if the decision can be delayed and,

3.     That, Officers explore options to further consult residents of Leys Villas.


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