Agenda item

A Petition to Government to Protect the Swift Population

To consider responding to the petition to government “Make swift bricks compulsory in new housing to help red-listed birds”.



The Committee heard from a member of the public during public participation and received a handout with information explaining the benefits of Swift Bricks and a petition she had created.


Members discussed the issue and one member noted there was a population of swifts in Corn Street some years ago and  it would be good to see them return.


The Committee heard the issue had been discussed at the District Council earlier in the month and agreed that if they created a planning condition

it would make it easier to include in future planning responses  the Committee make. Members decided that the Council should write to District Council supporting the case for Swift Bricks so an informed decision on how to proceed could be made.


The Chair advised that this delay did not stop members individually supporting and sharing details of the petition.


Members asked that officers review the Town Council’s buildings for the viability of installing Swift bricks or boxes.




1.      That, officers write to WODC and request an update on inclusion of Swift Bricks and,

2.      That, any decision is deferred until response from WODC received and,

3.      That, the Council asks WODC that consideration of Swift Bricks is added to the biodiversity checklist and,

4.      That, members are welcome to support and share the petition individually and,

5.      That, the Operations Manager and Ranger assess council properties for the viability of installation of Swift Box/Bricks.


Supporting documents: