Agenda item

Schedule of Proposed Fees & Charges 23-24

During Budget Setting Cycle the Council reviews its Fees and Charges for the various facilities and services it operates.


Attached are the schedules of charges which have all been approved by the respective spending committees. 


The Committee is RECOMMENDED to approve (or amend as necessary) the:


i.             Burials Fees & Charges

ii.            Public Halls Fees & Charges

iii.           Recreation Fees & Charges


The Committee discussed the proposed increase to fees for Halls, Sports and Cemeteries.


Members agreed that the 10% increase was in line with similar increases nationally and were needed to protect the council as costs continue to increase. also, It was right that the increase be the same across all of the council services so as not to favour one over another.


The Deputy Town Clerk advised that the Corn Exchange Working Party would discuss an additional level of charge specifically for the hire of the Corn Exchange for local group performance groups at its meeting on 24 November 2022. This fee, if approved would be added to the Schedule of Public Hall charges.


Even with the 10% increase, members noted that  sports hire charges would still be subsidised as the Council’s costs to maintain the sports facilities was much greater than the charges made.




That, the 10% increase to the council Schedule of fees and charges is applied.


Supporting documents: