Agenda item

Corn Exchange - Vigil Request 20th November

To consider a request for a vigil outside the Corn Exchange to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance on 20 November. The Corn Exchange will be lit during the evening to mark this occasion.


The committee received a verbal report from the Deputy Town Clerk regarding a request for a vigil to be held in the curtilage outside the Corn Exchange on 20 November to highlight the transgender day of remembrance.


Members were happy to agree to the proposal providing further information was provided to officers if it was to go ahead.




1.      That, the verbal report be noted and,

2.      That, agreement be given for a vigil to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance on 20 November 2022 outside the Corn Exchange and,

3.      That, it be delegated to the officers to make necessary arrangements for the vigil.