Agenda item

Public Halls Report

To receive the report of the Venue & Events Officer and accompanying usage figures provided by the Bookings Administrator.


The committee received and considered the report of the Venue & Events Officer.


Members were encouraged to hear plans for an events programme and Eventbrite ticketing which would enhance the venue. They also discussed the Gallery Room flooring and were unanimously in favour of replacing the carpet. The specific carpet, along with potential redecoration of the room was referred to the Corn Exchange Working Party.


The Committee also received the public halls usage report and queries the letting hours and inclusion of the meeting room at Burwell Hall.





1.                That, the report be noted and,

2.                That, choice of replacement carpet and potential redecoration be delegated to the Corn Exchange Working Party (CEWP) and,

3.                That, officers review the usage figures for both halls.



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