Agenda item

Public Halls - Review of Booking Terms & Conditions

To receive the updated terms and conditions for public hall hire. Amendments include information on car parking, a deposit for larger commercial/public events and  full payment of the latter 28 days beforehand.


The committee received a verbal report from the Deputy Town Clerk.


The revised booking form contained the updated conditions and information to improve the clarity of the Public Halls booking procedure and included changes on details on parking and payment terms. Also, a Hall Hire Feedback form was added so that the council could improve the public hall services.


Members discussed the amendments and requested that the form was easy to find on the Council’s website and asked if it could be completed online as well as being able to be printed and completed by hand.


The Deputy Town Clerk confirmed that once the new seating is installed and the fire survey carried out,  the maximum attendance figures would be updated in the document.




1.      That, the verbal report be noted and,

2.      That, the maximum attendance figures are updated as soon as available and,

3.      That, the council proceed with the introduction of the new booking form.


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