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Allotments - Waiting List

To receive the report of the Maintenance & Environmental Services Officer.


The committee received a report from the Maintenance & Environmental Services Officer concerning the Allotment waiting list.


The committee heard that the Witney Allotment Association (WAA) had over 200 names on the waiting list and had sought the Town Councils advice on whether to close the waiting list for a period of time.


Though members understood the request of WAA they felt that the closure of the waiting list would lead to disappointment by residents as there would be no hope of being allocated an allotment in the future. The consequence would likely be a negative towards the Council and would invoke further administrative enquiries, which was why the allotments had been previously outsourced.


Members felt that residents already on the waiting list were not being updated on the progress of their applications and so it was thought that this should be discussed with WAA to improve this communication with residents.




1.      That, the report be noted and,

2.      That, the Town Council request WAA to continue to add residents to the allotment waiting list and ,

3.      That, WAA communicate with residents on the list on an annual basis to update on the progress of their application and if they want to remain on the list.


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