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Witney Proposed 20mph & Other Speed Limits - Consultation

To receive, for information, details of a consultation from Oxfordshire County Council.


The Committee considered the consultation on reduced speed limits across Witney, being run by Oxfordshire County Council.




That, the following response be submitted in response to the consultation,


Witney Town Council welcomes this consultation which proposes reduced speed limits across Witney.


To ensure clarity and accuracy, the Town Council would like to draw attention to the ‘Oxfordshire County Council (Witney Area) (Speed Limits) Order 20**’ and that on point 2. Station Road should read ‘Station Lane’ and point 3. Jubilee Road should read ‘Jubilee Way’.


The Town Council also notes disparity between the maps and the attached Schedules of the Order. Windrush Place and Centenary Way are included on the map but not in the schedule, alongside other new residential developments including Guild Close and Kingfisher Meadows. It is imperative for uniformity and simplicity that all residential estates are included within the scheme and the Town Council hopes the opening paragraph for Schedule 1 covers these additional areas.


As all other speed limits will be reduced as part of this town-wide scheme, the Town Council would also like to suggest the speed limit in Range Road is reduced to 30mph and its service roads are reduced to 20mph. Range Road provides connectivity between Deer park Road and Downs Road, both of which are proposed 30mph speed limits and the service roads off would effectively mirror the speed limit restrictions on the Avenue Service roads from Station Lane, which also contain industrial units.


Finally, the Town Council notes specific mention to Avenue One in Schedule 1 of the Order, but Avenue Two is a strategic route encompassing a pedestrian and cycle route to Witney Lake & Country Park and beyond. It would like assurances this vulnerable route is also included in a 20mph zone for the safety of users.

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