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Planning Application: R3.0151/21 - A40 HIF2 Smart Corridor (‘HIF2 project’) A40 corridor between Witney and Wolvercote, Oxfordshire

To consider a planning application from Oxfordshire County Council (OCC).


Attached is the consultation letter from OCC and the documents associated with this application can be accessed from the link in the letter.


The Committee considered an application received from Oxfordshire County Council. It was noted that the response would be a recommendation to the Council meeting on 14 February.


Members highlighted the need for any scheme to have connectivity in respect of accessing public transport and also cycle provision. In respect of witney it was suggested that any schemes were dependant on the delivery of the improved Shores Green junction and that it would be preferable for a Park & Ride hub to be located in Witney.




That the following response be submitted to Oxfordshire County Council:


Witney Town Council welcomes the opportunity to respond in respect of this application.


Members are keen to see improvements to the A40 corridor and consider that the implementation of the new four-way Shores Green junction should precede any other development. The introduction of a dual carriageway is noted but it is suggested that the route between Eynsham and Witney should include a dedicated bus lane in both directions.


In respect of Park & Ride facilities the Council would question whether drivers from Witney, and further afield, would terminate their journey at Eynsham to access public transport and not just continue their journeys in to Oxford by car. It is requested that the possibility of a Park & Ride hub in or close to Witney could be considered.


Witney Town Council is keen that any scheme has good connectivity to public transport and cycle routes. In particular it would like to see easier access to Oxford Parkway station and the A34 by road and public transport. In respect of cycling it is suggested that existing routes should be easily accessible and potential new routes, such as a safe cycleway between Eynsham and Botley should be explored.


Finally, if development is approved the Council hope that the construction plan would minimise disruption to residents and ensure the reinstatement of land affected by the scheme.



Supporting documents: