Agenda item

Community Engagement Report

To receive and consider the report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer.


The report of the Communications & Community Engagement Officer was considered.


Members considered the content of the annual satisfaction survey and areas to focus on. It was agreed that the survey needed to have broad strategic aims, be within the remit of the Town Council and for it to be clear that not all ideas being put forward could be delivered. The Committee emphasised the need to promote the survey and there was a role for councillors in this regard. It was suggested an overview of Town Council services should be provided, including Youth Service Provision, Climate Emergency and Active Lifestyles and that residents be encouraged to comment on their top priorities from these.


In respect of the Newsletter covers it was considered that highlighting the recent reopening of the Park Play Area, previous play area improvements and future aims on these, as outlined in the new Open Spaces Strategy would be appropriate. In addition, it was suggested that promoting the Corn Exchange once works had been completed could be included.


The Committee looked at the previously constituted Youth Council and agreed that it would be a positive thing to reintroduce. Members noted that there were various operating models and that the links between the Youth Council and the Town council needed to be clear. It was agreed that officers be asked to look at the set-up, with the Youth Council mentors, and report back to the committee.




1.       That, the satisfaction survey should focus on the wider strategic aims of the Council, and priorities on its services, with headings relating to Youth Provision, Climate Emergency and Active Lifestyles being included;

2.       That, the reopening of Park Road Play Area and the aims of the Open Spaces Strategy together with the promotion of the Corn Exchange be used for the remaining space on the front and back covers of the newsletter; and

3.       That, the refresh of the Youth Council be supported and officers be asked, in conjunction with the Youth Council Mentors, to look at the constitution and operating model and report back to the committee.


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