Agenda item

20 MPH Speed Restrictions

To consider the report of the Deputy Town Clerk.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Deputy Town Clerk concerning requests for 20mph speed restrictions in Witney.


Members were advised Oxfordshire County Council had recently resolved to make the introduction of 20mph speed restrictions easier to apply for through Parish and Town Councils, providing certain criteria was met.


There was agreement this was a positive, progressive step and the Town Council should support the initiative as it was included in its Active Travel Infrastructure Plan. A reduction in speed limits would improve air quality and safety for pedestrians and could result in a better flow of traffic.


It was agreed that a town-wide pilot proposal from the County Council would offer the most benefit; All areas could be included initially with the benefits and drawbacks to residents and businesses being considered. Residential and ring-road areas would need to be looked at differently and there would be unsuitable areas which would need to be exempt from the scheme.




1.       That, the report be noted and,


2.       That, the Town Council supports a town-wide 20mph scheme with certain exemptions, to be discussed with Oxfordshire County Council and subject to public consultation, and


3.       That, the extent of the scheme and exemptions be delegated to the Climate, Biodiversity & Planning Committee, and


4.       That, Oxfordshire County Council officers be invited to the next meeting of that Committee on Tuesday 14th December.




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