Agenda item

Wildflower Planting at Recreation Grounds

To consider the report of the Maintenance & Environmental Services Officer.


The Committee received and considered the report of the Maintenance & Environmental Services Officer concerning wildflower planting at the Town Council’s recreation areas.


This item had been referred from the Council’s Parks & Recreation Committee and members were supportive of further wildflower planting. There was some concern on the biodiverse benefits of the proposed method, compared to previous projects but agreement that clear, small areas sometimes had more impact than larger swathes. Advice on wildflower planting had previously been supplied by the Wychwood Project so members asked if they could be involved in these discussions to aide its progression.




1.                That, confirmed locations for wildflower planting be agreed as Burwell field, Eton Close and Oxlease,


2.                That, Officers explore the method of wildflower planting at these locations with the Wychwood Project,


3.                That, volunteer groups be asked to assist with planting once the method and dates are known.

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