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West Oxfordshire District Council Community Recycling Centres - Consultation

To receive details of a consultation by West Oxfordshire District in respect of the Community Recycling Centres.


The Committee received details of a consultation regarding the closure of Community Recycling Centres in Witney and other parts of the district.


Members expressed their disappointment at the closures and considered the consultation process to have been inadequate with both statutory organisations and the public and that the response deadline was very short. The Committee questioned whether the areas where the facilities were withdrawn could be replaced with cycle parking or amenity land.


A member highlighted discussions at the District Council Scrutiny Committee and suggested the consultation did not reflect the requests made at that meeting.


Members were advised that there was no budgetary provision available for the Town Council to take on the operation of the service.


The Committee concluded, whilst acknowledging the issues with flytipping and the service not being statutory, that an objection should be lodged with the District Council.




1.      That, Witney Town Council considers the consultation process on this matter to be inadequate;

2.      That, the District Council be requested to ensure an environmental impact assessment is carried out and that the proposals are publicly communicated with a full consultation process amongst local residents. before any further decisions are made.


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