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Cemeteries Update

To receive and the report of the Cemeteries, External Contracts & Contracts Officer.


The Committee considered the report of the Compliance, External Contracts & Cemeteries Officer updating on a number of cemetery matters.


The Chair gave her condolences to Mr Hopkins, who had spoken in the public participation, and his family and members associated themselves with the Chair’s comments. The Committee considered the installation of a memorial gate and sought clarification of the cost, proposed materials and the council’s own regulations. Discussion ensued on alternative options and locations for a memorial and potential ongoing costs, such as maintenance.


The Committee expressed support for a memorial of some kind but agreed that further information was required before a decision could be made. It was proposed and agreed that the matter be deferred to allow outstanding issues to be clarified.


A summary of the responses to a consultation regarding an additional access at Tower Hill Cemetery was considered. It was noted that there were differing views and the committee highlighted accessibility of the site as a priority and the issue of crime prevention and safety was considered.


After further discussion it was agreed that the responses needed further analysis and other issues clarified before a decision could be made. It was proposed and agreed that the matter be delegated and a small group of members be appointed to look at the outstanding issues.


As a result of the decision to further consider the access it was agreed to defer consideration of the appointment of a contractor for any associated works.




1.      That, a decision on the installation of a memorial gate at Windrush Cemetery be deferred to the next meeting to allow the following to be clarified:


The cost of procuring a memorial gate at Windrush Cemetery and ongoing maintenance costs;

Officers looking at alternative options for a memorial such as a bench at other areas under the Town Councils control: and

Consultation being undertaken with the Friends of Windrush Cemetery about the introduction of a new gate.


2.      That, delegation be given to the Deputy Town Clerk, in conjunction with a member task and finish group to fully analyse the responses to the consultation in respect of an additional access at Tower Hill Cemetery and make recommendations.


That, Cllrs Joy Aitman, Thomas Ashby and Mel jones be appointed to serve on the task and finish group.


3.      That, consideration of the selection of contractors for footpath and wall works be deferred in light of the decision at 2. above.




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