Agenda item

Park Road Play Area - Update

To receive the report of the Projects Officer.


NOTE:  As this project is planned and budgeted for, the Town Clerk suggests delegation to Officers in consultation with the Ward Councillors to progress the procurement and installation.


Consideration was given to the report of the Projects Officer.


Clarification was given on the ownership of the land and discussions had been held regarding the implementation of a lease with Cottsway Housing including break clauses. The possibility of residents being able to apply for grant funding for equipment was highlighted.


The Committee considered the provision of bins at the site and at the Splash Pad and emphasised that enough bins were required.


The Town Clerk clarified that equipment was available at the depot and whilst some equipment could be refurbished new equipment may be needed. The issue of local residents raising funds for the play area was highlighted. It was noted that the agreed budget was sufficient to open the park and any additional facilities would follow on subject to funds being available. Discussion ensued regarding landscaping of the site and the need to be aware of community safety issues such as anti-social behaviour.



1.That, new swings be installed, replacing the old, non-compliant set;

2. That, the bear bin from the Leys be moved to Park Road Play area and the Town Clerk be delegated to finalise bin provision at the Splash Pad;

3. That, in view of the short time frame for project completion, the decision of which company

to proceed with is delegated to Officers, in consultation with the local ward Councillors

these being Cllrs Ashbourne, Duncan and Smith with the main deciding factor being price; and.

4. That, delegation be given to Officers, in consultation with the local ward Councillors to engage with local residents in respect of future funding and grant opportunities for further development of the play area in the future.


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