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Licensing Application W/21/00258/PRMA - Bar in the Box, 12 Stanley Court, Richard Jones Road, Witney

To receive and consider premises licence application W/21/00258/PRMA for Bar in the Box, 12 Stanley Court, Richard Jones Road, Witney.


The Committee received and considered an application for a premises licence at 12 Stanley Court, Richard Jones Road, Witney.


In considering the application the committee expressed the view that the application form was unclear in respect of the business model proposed, hours that alcohol would be available and lack of clarity around local deliveries.


The Committee suggested that this should be communicated to the District Council and that concerns around when alcohol would be available and age verification should be raised for consideration.


At the suggestion of officers it was agreed that contact should be made with West Oxfordshire District Council to see if the relevant officers could provide some information about the licensing process and issues that can be considered by the licensing authority.




The Committee, having considered the application, were unable to make an informed decision as the information contained in the application form did not fully explain the extent of the application.


The Committee raised a number of concerns or points of clarification as follows:


A)                  Does the retailer website require age verification to enter the website?


B)                  That the licensed hours may include late night deliveries, members were unclear what the timings of doorstep deliveries could be and if this was uncontrolled could be potentially disruptive. The form does not make it clear whether deliveries will be via a national daytime type of courier or is this a Deliveroo style ‘anytime of night’ local service. The Committee requests that the licensing authority takes the nature of the service and operating hours into account when considering appropriate conditions for a licence; and


C)                  Under section 18 of the form, point ‘e’, it states ‘Children under the age of 16 will not have access to the premises without adult supervision’. Members questioned whether this should be that anybody under the age of 18 should not have access to the premises.


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