Agenda item

Operational Report

To receive and consider the report of the Operations and Estates Officer.



The Committee received and considered the report of the Operations & Estates Advisor concerning updates on play areas, the Splash park annual maintenance, third party events, football and pedestrian access and the provision of toilets at West Witney Sports Ground.


Members heard that temporary toilet facilities would be delivered to West Witney Sports Ground during the next three weeks and understood the necessity on remedial works at the Leys Play Area.


With the express permission of the Chair, members received an additional update regarding football, and particularly the extension of the season until June as agreed by the FA due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This would result in competing demands on the Council’s sports pitches over the summer including cricket, additional training, events and annual renovation works. Members agreed this was a complicated issue, a delicate balancing act was needed with no simple answer likely. There was a possibility of less favourable sites being used as well as facilities outside of the Council’s control; if these were required there would need to be further discussion on what assistance the Town Council could offer. The issue would have to be investigated further by Officers with a report brought back to a future meeting.




1.      That the report be noted; and,


2.      That the creation of a flexible plan to accommodate the competing demands on the Town Council’s sports pitches during this summer be delegated to Officers and brought back to the next meeting of the Policy, Governance & Finance Committee. If all demands are unable to be met, this could include the subsidised use of other facilities.


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