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Terms of Reference for the Parks & Recreation Committee


a)                  To maintain all Recreation Grounds, Parks (including play equipment) and    public open spaces and to initiate and oversee all matters of control properly associated with this recreation function;

b)                  To maintain and oversee all sports activities upon any Recreation Ground or other recreational open space and building erected for such purposes thereon;

c)                  To develop a sports strategy for all sports across the town;

d)                  To deal with the development and investment in the Council owned play areas, ensuring they remain safe;

e)                  To facilitate entertainment, community and third party events in such parks, recreation grounds or elsewhere in the Council’s management at its discretion.

f)                   The Membership of the Committee shall consist of 6 Members plus the Town Mayor and the Leader of the Council ex officio with voting rights;

g)                  The quorum of the Committee shall be 4 Members.