Agenda and minutes

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Election of Chair

To elect a Chair of the Advisory Committee for the rest of the municipal year.


Nominations were sought for the position of Chair for the municipal year.


It was proposed and duly seconded that Cllr Andrew Coles be elected Chair. There being no other nominations it was:




That, Cllr Andrew Coles be elected Chair of the Committee for the municipal year.


Apologies for Absence

To receive and consider apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Ted Fenton, Cllr Michael Brooker, Cllr Duncan Enright, Trevor Bayliss from Stagecoach, Chris Hulme from Thames Valley Police, and Mark Upton from the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind.


Public Participation

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting.  Any member of the public who so wishes may speak, at this point in the meeting, for a maximum of five minutes on any matter relating to an item on the agenda.


There was no public participation.


To adopt and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2022 (copy enclosed) pdf icon PDF 496 KB




That, the minutes of the Witney Traffic Advisory Committee held on 7June 2022 be approved and signed by the Chair.


Matters arising from the Minutes not covered in the Action Plan or subsequent items


There were no matters arising from the minutes of 7 June 2022.


Traffic Schemes Area Operations (North) - Oxfordshire County Council

To receive and consider the report from the Traffic Schemes Area Operations (North) team (to follow).


The committee received and considered the report of the Principal Officer concerning updates on several projects underway in Witney. Included within this were updates on the Windrush Bike Project Barriers Report, Schemes to be delivered from Windrush Place S106 funding, the Witney Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), the A40/B4022 Shores Green Access, High Street & Market Square (Traffic Restrictions & Active Travel), Bridge Street Area options, Draft Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP), Burwell Meadow Low Traffic Neighbourhood, Public Transport at Windrush Place, Avenue Two at Station Lane, Road Closure at The Angel Public House and Parking opposite Cogges Farm.


On the works for the Windrush Bike Project Barriers, the Committee were updated that a timeframe had been requested but not yet provided.


Members were updated that progress had been made with the Witney LCWIP over the summer. A member raised an issue with the traffic island on Witan Way (From Farm Mill Lane up to The Mill) and asked if it had been included in the infrastructure interventions.


Members were keen to comment on the Witney High Street restrictions item. It was highlighted that there is growing community frustration at the lack of progress and that residents, business owners and all stakeholders need to see some plans and timeframes. The OCC Officer advised that they were working on dates for a series of consultations that would be open to the public. The Chair reminded that the Church Green residents’ group should be included as stakeholders. It was agreed that further discussion on this topic would be had later in the meeting at Agenda item 7.


Members collectively advised that there had been very positive feedback on the new services for Centenary Way. However, Curbridge residents had expressed disappointment at the lack of notice that the Curbridge service was being withdrawn. Curbridge residents were not satisfactorily consulted and now don’t have a service to Carterton.




1. That, the report be noted; and

2. That, OCC Officers will compile a list of Windrush Bike Project Barriers works, to be circulated to this Committee. The group will be updated on a works timeframe in due course; and

3. That, OCC Officers will check that the Witan Way traffic island is included in the LCWIP; and

4. That, the results of the traffic monitoring survey at Burwell will be shared to this Committee as soon as it is available.

Cllr A Prosser left the meeting at 3.30pm


Witney High Street - Signage & Physical Features

To consider current High Street signage and potential features which would support the County Council’s road scheme.


The Committee considered the current High Street signage and potential features which could support a future scheme which the County Council had received funding for.


Members considered options provided by County Council officers on what should be completed in High Street in the short-term as interim options whilst the main public realm scheme was considered. A discussion was held, and a number of points raised. These included:


-        Better communications to keep residents and stakeholders informed.

-        If the planters were removed without any replacement barriers being installed the Hight Street might appear to be open to all traffic.

-        Introduction of a temporary rumble strip type road surface to indicate the start of a ‘zone’.

-        ‘Coming soon’ and ‘We are open’ type signage or information boards.

-        A reluctance for money to be spent on any ‘temporary’ measures.

-        ANPR to discourage offenders.

-        Increased presence of traffic and parking enforcement.

-        More focus now on pedestrian safety, in this temporary situation, the current setup is very dangerous with confusion for pedestrians and non-compliance from motorists. This is particularly true at the confluence of Corn Street, Market Square where there is a traffic island and the buses must enter on the ‘wrong’ side of the road.

-        If the planters remain in place they should be made to look more permanent and planted better. And include signage with information – particularly that loading/unloading is permitted.




1.      That, the verbal update be noted and,

2.      That, as a Committee, the preferred interim option out of those put forward by OCC, would be Option 2 – Retain the planters (with improved planting) in the interim, but with incorporated communications signage, loading/unloading signage, and wheels removed to make the planters look more permanent.


Traffic & Road Safety - Oxfordshire County Council

To receive and consider the report of theTraffic & Road Safety (North) team (to follow).


The committee received and considered the Traffic & Road Safety Report from the OCC Area Operations Officer including the remaining lining programme.


A member raised again that the ‘SLOW’ road marking hasn’t been re-instated on the resurfaced area on Valence Crescent. OCC Officer Mike Wasley advised that Councillors should email him directly with any outstanding requests and projects for the next year.




That, Councillors email the Oxfordshire County Council Officer with lining requests for the coming year.


Parking and Obstructions on Grass Verges

To consider the issue of problem parking and use of bollards on grass verges.


The Committee considered the issue of parking and obstructions on grass verges which had been raised at the previous meeting.


The Deputy Town Clerk advised there didn’t appear to be a clear process on requests for bollards, recently a resident had been given conflicting information and the town council had been asked for a comment when it hadn’t previously, which was disappointing customer service.


Members were advised that Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) did not have a particular budget or strategy for provision of bollard installation. Requests were considered on an individual basis and are sometimes match funded by OCC if there is a highways or safety issue.

Where individuals want bollards and are prepared to pay for them, OCC will install them, at a cost to the resident.




1.      That, the verbal update be noted and,

2.      That, future requests for bollards be directed to the Oxfordshire County Council Highways Team, further details are on the OCC ‘requesting street furniture’ page:


Witney Speed Restrictions

To receive a verbal update from officers on the Witney speed restrictions, if appropriate.


The Committee were advised by County Council Officers that the anticipated date for implementation of the new signage for the scheme was the week commencing 10 October.


There were still some legal issues the County Council had to complete but the project should be completed later in the year.




That, the verbal update on implementation be noted.

David Gambier left the meeting at 4pm


Consultation - Traffic Calming at The Leys, Witney pdf icon PDF 83 KB

To receive consultation documents on a traffic calming scheme at The Leys Recreation Ground and consider a response, if appropriate.

Additional documents:


The Committee received a consultation from Oxfordshire County Council for Traffic Calming measures at The Leys.


A discussion was held with members were generally in favour of the scheme which would make the road safer and deter anti-social behaviour in the area. Members raised issues around the inclusivity of the scheme for tricycle users and the possibility of ‘reverse in’ signage.


It was advised that if there were objections to the scheme, it would be referred to Committee at the County Council in November.




1.      That, the consultation be noted and,

2.      That, the following consultation response be submitted to Oxfordshire County Council:


Witney Town Council Traffic Advisory Committee welcome improvements to pedestrian safety. Members raised the issue of spacing on either side of the speed cushions and whether the proposed measures would be inclusive for tricycle users. The scheme must ensure that tricycle users have enough space to traverse the cushions and not be any increased risk of trikes tipping over. Further, it was suggested that signage could be included encouraging motorists to ‘reverse in’ to the parking spaces as an additional safety measure – motorists would be forward facing as they exit the parking space and join the lane.


Cycling on Highway pdf icon PDF 349 KB

To consider correspondence from a resident regarding cycling on the Highway.


The Committee received correspondence from a resident, as submitted via the Town Clerk, concerning cycling on the pavements and footpaths in Witney.


Members discussed the issue and how to ensure users are more considerate to one another and whether there was an opportunity to communicate pedestrian and cycle safety to young users. The town council would be exploring issues and potential signage on its land separately.




1.      That, the correspondence be noted and,

2.      That, Witney Town Council writes to schools to ask that cycle and pedestrian safety be mentioned in assemblies or appropriate channels; and

3.      That, Witney Town Council contacts the Educational Officer at the Fire & Rescue Service to ask if any collaboration could be initiated.


Church Green - Safety Concerns pdf icon PDF 179 KB

To consider correspondence from a resident regarding safety at Church Green.


The Committee received correspondence from a resident, as submitted via the Town Clerk, concerning traffic in the vicinity of Church Green and Henry Box School.


Members agreed that education was once again a key issue and upon a query as to whether any lining improvement/road marking possibilities for Church Green would help, County Council officers advised that this type of marking can often lead to increased acceleration and speed and therefore risks being more dangerous.




That, the correspondence be noted.


Items Raised at the Meeting

To receive and consider any pressing matters from members which may be added to the next meeting agenda for consideration.


There were no other issues raised at the meeting.


Date of the Next meeting(s)

To receive the date of the next meeting of Witney Traffic Advisory Committee for information.


Members were advised that the next scheduled meeting of this committee would be on Tuesday 10 January.




That, the date of the next meeting be noted.