Venue: Main Hall, The Corn Exchange, Witney. View directions

Contact: Town Clerk 

No. Item


Apologies for Absence

To consider apologies and reasons for absence.


Committee members who are unable to attend the meeting should notify Simon Wright the Democratic & Legal Services Officer ( ) prior to the meeting, stating the reason for absence.


To also consider special dispensation for Members unable to attend this in-person meeting, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Declarations of Interest

Members are reminded to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests in any of the items under consideration at this meeting in accordance with the Town Council’s code of conduct.


Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting pdf icon PDF 402 KB

To approve and adopt the minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held on 4 May 2021 in accordance with Standing Order No. 18 including questions on the minutes as to the progress on any item.


Public Participation

The meeting will adjourn for this item.


Members of the public may speak for a maximum of five minutes each during the period of public participation, in line with Standing Order 42.  Matters raised shall relate to the following items on the agenda.


An Update from Witney Oxfordshire County Councillors and West Oxfordshire District Councillors

To receive a short verbal update from Oxfordshire County Councillors representing Witney Wards and West Oxfordshire District Councillors.


Report Back from the Councillors on the Work with External Bodies where they serve as the Town Council's Nominated Representative

To receive a short verbal update from councillors who sit on external bodies where they serve as the Town Council’s nominated representative.


Minutes of Committees & Sub-Committees

To receive and NOTE the RESOLUTIONS in the minutes of the meetings held between 1 April and 22 June 2021, and agree the RECOMMENDATIONS contained therein.



Climate, Biodiversity & Planning - 20 April, 18 May and 8 June 2021 pdf icon PDF 404 KB

Additional documents:


Parks & Recreation Committee - 17 May 2021 pdf icon PDF 504 KB


Halls, Cemeteries & Allotments Committee - 24 May 2021 pdf icon PDF 486 KB


Stronger Communities Committee - 7 June 2021 pdf icon PDF 372 KB


Policy, Governance & Finance - 14 June 2021 pdf icon PDF 390 KB


Corn Exchange Working Party - 1 June (attached) & 22 June 2021 (to follow) pdf icon PDF 389 KB


Appointment to Outside Bodies pdf icon PDF 333 KB

To consider the report of the Democratic & Legal Services Officer seeking appointments to  serve on the Lower Windrush Valley Project, RAF Brize Norton Local Consultation Group and Witney Traffic Advisory Committee.


Designation of the Responsible Financial Officer

Section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972 requires that every Local Authority in England and Wales should “make arrangements for the proper administration of their financial affairs and shall secure that one of their Officers has responsibility for the administration of those affairs.”  


Following the recent restructure of the Council’s staff, Mrs Tina Jardine was appointed to the role of Responsible Financial Officer and started employment on 24 May 2021.  The Council is therefore requested to formally note that this appointment, subject to the usual terms and conditions or employment.




Future Meetings of the Council

a)       To consider the format of the forthcoming Council cycle of meetings given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Members are reminded that virtual or hybrid meetings are not currently lawful. Options include:


·         Holding in-person meetings in the Corn Exchange Main Hall under social distancing measures;

·         Holding the next cycle of meetings as Advisory Committee meetings – ratification of recommendations to take place at the Full Council meeting on 2nd August, with accompanying urgent delegations to the Town Clerk as set out in the Annual Meeting of 4th May 2021 (Minute no. 227 refers).


b)      To consider special dispensation for members not to attend if in-person meetings take place. Written requests for dispensation are to be made to the Town Clerk.




Accounts & Audit (England) Regulations 2015 - Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 655 KB

Following the review by the Policy, Governance & Finance Committee at its meeting on 14 June.  To receive and consider the report of the Town Clerk to agree the Annual Governance statement along with the Final Internal Audit Report.


In line with The Accounts & Audit (England) Regulations 2015 - To receive and consider the Annual Governance & Accountability Return – and formally agree and adopt.


To note the Unaudited Financial Statements for the year ending 31 March 2021.

Additional documents:


Notice of Motion - Co-operative Councils Innovation Network pdf icon PDF 530 KB

To consider the following motion proposed by Cllr Rosa Bolger and seconded by Cllr Duncan Enright.


‘Witney Town Council notes the Co-operative Council’s Innovation Network, a network of local authorities committed to reforming the way they work through building an equal partnership with local people. The network is open to all UK councils regardless of political affiliation who can demonstrate innovation and a willingness to drive forward the cooperative council agenda.


Therefore Witney Town Council agrees to affiliate to the Cooperative Councils Innovation Network, associate membership being at a cost of £500 per year, for which a range of benefits are available.’


Burford Experimental Traffic 7.5 Tonne Regulation Order

To receive the recommendation of the Climate, Biodiversity & Planning Committee held on 8th June 2021, concerning support for this group and the future of the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order on the 7.5tonne limit at Burford Bridge, based on the interim report:


1.       That, Council be recommended to give the support of Witney Town Council to WIVTAG;

2.      That, Oxfordshire County Council be recommended to remove the ETRO at the earliest opportunity and be encouraged to adhere to the Local Transport Plan to ensure the management of HGV movements on a county basis.



Civic Announcements pdf icon PDF 458 KB

To receive the report of the Mayor.


Project Update pdf icon PDF 478 KB

To receive and consider the report of the Project Officer.


Position of Town Crier

To consider continuing the current arrangement with the Town Crier, J Postlethwaite-Dixon for a further municipal year. (Minute no. 229, Full Council 27th July 2020 refers).


Health and Safety

To receive a verbal update.


Communication from the Leader

To receive such communications as the Leader of the Council may wish to bring before the Council and to consider the recommendation of the Leader on how such communications should be dealt with.



To receive correspondence from the Town Clerk for information (if applicable).


Questions to the Leader of the Council

Questions to the Leader of the Council concerning the business of the Council in accordance with Standing Order 15.


Sealing of Documents

To authorise the sealing of documents arising from Council resolutions.


Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider and if appropriate, to pass the following resolution:


That in accordance with section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, and as extended by Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, the public, including the press, be excluded from the meeting because of the confidential nature of the following business to be transacted.


Grounds Maintenance

To receive the confidential report of the Town Clerk.

Additional documents:


Adoption of Open Spaces Strategy

To consider the adoption of the Open Spaces Strategy (previously circulated).