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Appointment of Section 151 Officer

Meeting: 28/06/2021 - Full Council (Item 319)

Designation of the Responsible Financial Officer

Section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972 requires that every Local Authority in England and Wales should “make arrangements for the proper administration of their financial affairs and shall secure that one of their Officers has responsibility for the administration of those affairs.”  


Following the recent restructure of the Council’s staff, Mrs Tina Jardine was appointed to the role of Responsible Financial Officer and started employment on 24 May 2021.  The Council is therefore requested to formally note that this appointment, subject to the usual terms and conditions or employment.




Members noted the importance of the Responsible Financial Officer in statute and welcomed Tina Jardine to the role.




That Tina Jardine be officially designated as the Responsible Financial Officer at Witney Town Council.